If you abide in My Word, you shall be My disciples indeed; and you shall know the truth, and the truth will set you free. - John 8:31-32
He who has the Son has life; he who does not have the Son of God does not have life. - 1 John 5:12

Witnessing to Masons

Recently I received an email from a lady in the USA, asking for assistance in reaching out to a Christian friend involved in Freemasonry.  After a quick scan of our web site she said, “I didn’t see any methods, techniques or advice on how to bring up the subject in gentleness and with love”.  She went on to say, “The Holy Spirit has made it clear that I need to speak to my friend about his involvement but I just don’t know how”.

I emailed back to her that she was right, I hadn’t provided any documents specific to techniques, methods etc., for reaching out to Masons.  I recommended various documents on our site where she’d find some of what she was looking for along with insight the Holy Spirit would provide.  I’ve also taken what she’s said with recognition that providing assistance in this area is important.

To respond to this need, I’m going to do two things;

  1. Share at this time some of the things I have learned,
  2. Ask others to add and share in this document what they have learned.

Check this document from time to time as others provide assistance and testimony along with their ministry web sites and resources.  Other ministries can also use this document as a resource.  The following is what I believe may be helpful and what I have learned. 

Witnessing to Masons; methods, techniques and advice on how to bring up the subject in gentleness and with love.

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Evans Nicholson, Choosing Truth Ministries

On occasion I’ve been asked what to do about Masons in the church.  I believe the first thing you need to do is make sure they’re saved and then with the assistance of the Holy Spirit in their lives, deal with the bondage.  I do however have some concerns I share in this regard in a document on our web site entitled, Printable PDF Article >The Church And Freemasonry.  While I desire and attempt to reach out in gentleness I also recognize that there are times when firm and decisive action is required.  I also know that it is best to rely on the leading of Holy Spirit at all times as Freemasonry is a major stronghold involving spiritual warfare.

For me, coming out of Freemasonry, it was a choice.  Freemasonry or Jesus.  I share this in my testimony in our Audio Files that you’re free to duplicate and use.  Regarding this choice there are questions that can be asked.

  • If Freemasonry was a barrier between you and God, would you be willing to give it up?
  • If it were a choice, would you choose Jesus or Freemasonry?
  • If its possible that Freemasonry is a hindrance in your walk with Jesus, would you be willing to look at that possibility?
  • Do you think that your difficulty in getting closer to Jesus might be Freemasonry?  Would you be willing to look at that possibility?
  • Would you be willing to pray and ask Holy Spirit about Freemasonry?

There is one particular question I ask Christian Masons to consider.  I begin by saying that as Masons we were not allowed to end our prayers in the name of Jesus, as this would offend other faiths in the lodge and therefore be offensive to the god of Freemasonry.  Then I say, ‘If God were in fact The Great Architect Of The Universe, how could prayer in the name of His only begotten Son offend Him?’

Often it can be difficult looking for a way to share while being able to maintain a relationship to allow you to continue sharing.  I believe the greater emphasis should be on Jesus, sharing what He’s doing in your life and others.

One of the most effective tools I can think of is a video produced in Canada about 15 years ago.  Freemasonry From Darkness To Light offered by Jeremiah Films it is still considered one of the best videos available comparing witchcraft and Freemasonry.  I spoke with Dr. David Didow one of the participants in this production years ago.  He told me that when it was originally completed the lodge in Alberta was waiting.  They called a lodge meeting to watch the video to see how they could come up with a plan to destroy its credibility.  After showing it seven members never returned to the lodge.  A 35-minute production, I’ve used it in speaking engagements.  As a result church groups have ordered this documentary for their resources.  You can order from Christian bookstores, often finding it in their video rentals or from Jeremiah Films.  It is one method for sharing.

I believe it’s important to take the time to study and move as He leads.  Don’t be offended if your efforts are met with hostility.  Hostility will come from the spirit within the person and not the person.  They’re just not aware of the spiritual forces within themselves and you’ll need to keep this in mind to separate the two and pray for the person.  Sometimes you’ll see their eyes change and feel an evil presence coming at you.  Pray for the person while binding the forces involved.  Remember, that if such an evil presence manifests, it can’t hurt you though it’ll try to intimidate you with fear so you’ll stop.  And remember the joy in the heavenly realm when that person is set free.

I remember when the above situation occurred where the eyes changed and I felt an evil presence.  I wasn’t quite prepared at the time though it was a valuable learning experience.  While out of province, I was visiting a family when a young couple arrived.  After being introduced he asked about my trip and what I was doing.  I told him I was an ex-Mason on a Christian outreach.  At that point he exploded in anger telling me he was a Christian and a Freemason.  I saw his eyes change and I felt an evil presence come upon me from him.  As this had never happened to me before I was somewhat confused to say the least.  Thinking it best to apologize I got up to leave.  While leaving I looked back.  He was looking up puzzled and I knew he was also confused wondering where that had come from.  For the next six hours I drove around feeling this evil presence as I was calling out to the Lord.  Finally it lifted off and I asked the Lord, “What was that all about?”  He said, “I allowed that to happen so you would know what to expect from Christians”.  While this has never happened to me again I have seen eyes change, being reminded that I’m to recognize the spiritual forces involved and to pray for the person.  This taught me to remember the spiritual forces of darkness we are dealing with even though they have already been defeated.

I think about this experience often as it was out of the ordinary having left a lasting impression.  Had I felt the evil presence upon me for a minute or so, quickly gone after binding it, I would have quickly forgotten about it.  However, as the Holy Spirit said, He allowed it to happen so I would learn something.  And as I said, six hours got my attention.  So if knowing and learning this is important to the Holy Spirit, I’m passing it along believing it’s important for others.

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