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Questions and Answers

From time to time we get questions sent to us and we will be posting them and the answers here.


Q.  Is there a connection between masonry and Judaism?  I was questioned at length by a mason in regards to my belief regard the "chosen people" and the pre-trib rapture.  After that series of interviews and my unwillingness to pursue masonry , a teacher (who is favorable to masonry) began making moves to teach the pre-trib rapture and to suppress my point of view.  It is my perception that these folks run this church from the shadows and they have a doctrinal agenda regard the "chosen people" and the pre-trib rapture.

A.  The only connection between masonry and Judaism that I'm aware of is through those who are members and who as members make various claims founded in either the deception they are in or to cause deception.  People observe that some members of Jewish organizations like the B'nai B'rith have members who are Masons and therefore tend to draw conclusions that there is a Masonic connection.  Using this criteria we could conclude that since up to 40% of pastors in the Southern Baptist Convention could be Masons there's a connection between masonry and Christianity.  And of course some people do draw that conclusion.  The truth of the matter is that Freemasonry has simply infiltrated Judaism and Christianity through the members subject to its deadly deception.   

Your perception is accurate if you're in a church where Masons have infiltrated leadership positions.  They are under influence to a dark agenda that they are unable to recognize due to the spiritual impairment involved. This dark agenda extends to God's chosen people and those grafted in.  A good question to ask, does your church pray for the peace of Israel?  And if not, why not?  That will often reveal things in the shadows and the spiritual condition of the church.

Q.  I was just glancing at your website in a search for some information. I think I have e-mailed you before, possibly a year ago. My concern is this...I belong to a local Bible believing church here in Abb. and have recently become alarmed at the amount of new age and other false teaching that is quickly infiltrating our church. It started as a sense that something was strange a few years ago, and since then I have become very concerned. As it's coming through the leadership, I am wondering how on earth this stuff is getting in. I have some suspicions, but could you please give me some advice on the best way to find out if there are masons inside a church? I can't find out much about our local area(I was trying to find some sort of lists but there doesn't seem to be any). I would greatly appreciate any advice. Thank you. 

A.  Yes, in some churches there is a great deal of new age and false teaching entering in. Not necessarily by way of the Masons, but often through sincere Christians reaching out to God without a proper scriptural balance. Sometimes membership drops and a new fad comes along to excite members to bring others into the church. A variety of reasons usually with good intentions. One of the best sources for information in this area is Noah's Dove Research Ministries www.angelfire.com/bc3/connections/  

One of the best books available that provides further resources is A Time of Departing by Ray Yungren, Lighthouse Trails Publishing Company. ISBN 0-9721512-0-6 www.lighthousetrails.com

Q. I have been trying to learn about the masons since my Dad passed away in December.  I am a Christian and I know that there are curses associated with them.  My Dad said his grandfather was a mason.  My father was in the elks club and now my brother is in the elks.  Is there a connection between the two?  I have been told that there is.  I tried to tell my brother this but he doesn't think they are related.  He said he's being promoted in the organization.  Do you know where I can find information on the Elks.  I would specifically like to know what is involved with them spiritually. 

A. Yes, there is an association between Freemasonry and the animal lodges to
include the Elks.  Most members aren't aware of the affiliation involved as
this is by design for the sake of the deception.  If our enemy is unable to
lure Christians into spiritual compromise by way of Freemasonry these other
organizations serve that purpose though the compromise is usually much less
effective or obvious.  However once in these lodges the Masons are usually
waiting to lure members towards the Masonic lodge. Those seeking to do
charitable work or to receive the benefits Masonry offers.  Basically our
enemy isn't seeking bad people, he's after good people where the gospel is
denied to them in the lodge and in the case of Christians to compromise
their effectiveness for the gospel.

In my testimony found in Audio Files, on our web site I mention the Masonic
affiliation with the animal lodges though I exclude three organizations,
Lions, Rotary and Kinsmen.  These organizations don't practice ritual
initiation though I do provide the caution regarding Masons recruiting from
within.  But then again, Masons are also recruiting from within the church
as noted in our document, The Church And Freemasonry.   In our Picture Files
you'll note some Masonic lodges sharing with the Elks and other Masonic

From discussion with former Elk members I have noted a wide range of ritual.
Some lodges have a minor ritual of allegiance, once around the lodge room
and that's it.  Others are much more elaborate and intensive.  Some practice
the so-called riding the goat distraction while a few former members
actually remember a goat being present.  In many other instances there was
no mention of a goat so it appears that the Elks have been much more
flexible in their ritual initiation than Freemasonry.  As I don't have
anything more specific you could contact David Carrico,
www.ritualabusefree.org for further information and the spiritual aspects
involved.  He is the best source on the animal lodges that I can think of.