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He who has the Son has life; he who does not have the Son of God does not have life. - 1 John 5:12

Freemasonry From Darkness to Light?

Freemasonry From Darkness to Light?  DVD

What is so attractive about this group?   Why are so many famous and important men involved?   Is Christianity truly compatible with Freemasonry?   Uncover the spiritual and historical roots of Freemasonry and the truth that is helping thousands to pass "From Darkness to Light."

Many years ago I spoke with one of the former Masons involved with this production.   I would like to share one of the things he told me.   He said that when this production was nearing completion the local lodge was planning to devise a strategy against it.   When completed the lodge purchased one of the first copies and called a meeting to view it.   They wanted feedback on how to publicly denounce this production.   After that meeting seven members never returned to the lodge.   From that point on the lodge has attempted to ignore this production so that members don't receive the warning it provides.   It is a powerful tool to set Masons free and to warn those thinking of joining.   It is a presentation I include in the church and elsewhere.   I know of three sources to obtain this DVD.

1.   Christian bookstores

2.   MM Outreach

3.   Jeremiah Films

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Note :   If you go to a Christian bookstore and are told it's not available, go to another Christian bookstore.   On rare occasions, the partners involved in a bookstore might be Masonically influenced as is the case in some church situations.